Styl Taxi Services
The best taxi service in Sabadell and Sant Quirze with a fleet of Mercedez-Benz.
Our services
The best conditions
Styl Taxi adapts to all customers offering the best Taxi services
for each of the needs of our customers.
Payments with Card and American Express
We have a fleet of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Blue Efficiency taxis equipped with the latest technologies.
Pick up at the airport and hotel
After landing you will find us waiting at a place in the terminal, we also pick up customers at the same door of the hotel where they are staying.
Confort and accommodative
All vehicles are equipped with a card service core system.
Services for enterprises
Our taxis are a guarantee of good service and quality for your company's transfers. Both for the collection of customers and for employees.
Urban travels
We offer taxi service within the city of Sabadell and Sant Quirze del Vallés with the possibility of early booking.
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